Good upholds the constitution.
Good is a movement. Good builds the country.
Good changes politics. Good fights corruption. Good stamps out racism.
Good cares about people. Good nurtures the frail. Good educates the young. Good helps the suffering. Good shelters the needy.
Good has empathy.
Good gives hope. Good supports good.

Good is a South African political party that was formed in December 2018. It is led by its founder Patricia de Lille, current Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure and former Mayor of Cape Town.

We stand up for a country that has zero tolerance for racism, gender discrimination,
corruption and poverty. GOOD is not afraid to tackle these issues honestly, and head
on. The GOOD party is led by GOOD people, fighting to create a GOOD life for
every GOOD South African.

Why Good?

When South Africa became a democracy in 1994 a lot was achieved in addressing the structural inequalities embedded in our country through apartheid.

However, despite a world renowned constitution with a robust bill of rights, equality of rights is not enough to bring about a more equitable society where citizens and residents are able to use their rights.

GOOD stands to ensure a more equitable South Africa based on the values and principles of social democracy – a successful model of democracy for addressing inequality and exclusion.

We are proud South Africans deeply committed and connected to a future that is prosperous for all.

We are a movement dedicated to restore the hope of 1994 so that every South African can live a life of dignity.

We will build a patriotic South Africa that is that is innovative, competitive, equitable, sustainable, forward-thinking, and that will advance social, economic, spatial and environmental justice.


Now is a GOOD time to fix South Africa.
The world and South Africa has changed significantly since 1994. Doing ʻgovernment as usualʼ is not good enough anymore. Our country is rapidly urbanising. By 2050, more than 80% of South Africans will live in towns and cities. No family will be unaffected by what happens in a town or city

Spatial Justice

Separating our society based on skin colour resulted in unequal access to jobs, housing, land, tenure and transport in towns, cities and rural areas. GOOD commits to undoing the legacy of Apartheid spatial planning to create a more just society.

Economic Justice

The role of government is to create conditions that ensure economic growth, investment and new jobs. GOOD will restore stability and confidence in government and ensure corrupt politicians are prosecuted and sent to prison, not parliament. GOOD will build the infrastructure to ensure South Africa competes more effectively for investment.

Social Justice

GOOD commits to ensuring equitable treatment of all people in South Africa. Gender bias, racial discrimination and unfair privilege must end so that South Africa can achieve real democracy and a fully united and equitable society. Social justice also means equitable access to quality education, and ensure fair and equal pay for equal work.

Environmental Justice

Climate change is real and is impacting our economy, food security and the environment. Poor and vulnerable citizens are most impacted by climate change. GOOD will tackle climate change, uphold animal and environmental rights, help cities to implement waste reduction plans and ensure we move to cheaper, renewable energy sources.

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