Who is Good?

Our Members and Supporters subscribe to the following GOOD values:


Politics as usual has earned a reputation for profound dishonesty and an immunity from the truth.

Leadership is a privilege. It is a privilege we will never abuse. We will lead in truth. Even when the truth is not popular.


We recognise the critical bonds that exist between us. This is the foundation of our society.

The progress and success of the country that we share, that we call home, depends on strengthening these bonds.


Trust is something that is earned through truth.

Our pledge is to be truthful and trustworthy.


The world’s climate is changing faster than scientists initially expected.

We are consuming and destroying the natural resources that give us life.

If we do not act, now, our environment will not be able to sustainably and reliably provide us with the homes, food and water that we and our children will need.


South Africa remains a state of deep-rooted inequalities.

Despite progress, democracy hasn’t reversed that.

Equity is an outcome of addressing inequality.


The centuries of oppression and exclusion that is our country’s history still linger today.

We believe in a South Africa built on spatial, social, economic and environmental justice.


Public service is service of the public.

Political power must embody the privilege to serve, not to be served.

Patricia De Lille


Trade-unionist. Anti-apartheid fighter. Member of National Assembly (1994 – 2010), MEC for Social Development in the Western Government (2010 – 2011) and the longest-serving Mayor of Cape Town (2011 -2018). Under her leadership Cape Town was ranked no.1 city in the SA Government Performance Index, achieving more clean audits than any SA Metro or previous City of Cape Town Mayors. She is also the South African Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure.

Mark Rountree

Policy Officer

Mark is a Scientist, data-led decision maker and environmentalist with local and international experience in water resources, renewable energy and urban development

Brett Herron

Secretary - General

Brett is a qualified Lawyer & former Mayco Member of Transport & Urban Development in the City of Cape Town. He is currently doing an Executive MSc in Cities at the London School of Economics. Brett believes in servant leadership and through GOOD will strive towards creating a better life for all the citizens of our country. He also serves as a Member of the Western Cape Provincial Legislature.

Nhlanhla Mtshali

Deputy Secretary - General

Lehlohonolo hails from Gauteng and was a former Councillor in Ekhuruleni. He is a passionate social activist who wants to see poverty and social injustice eradicated in our communities.

Sam Shabane

National Chairperson

Sam Shabane is a farmer and an IT specialist. He is also the former COSAS SRC president, where he represented Tshwane West. Sam is a patriotic South African who fights for equality and fair treatment of all South Africans. He is passionate about the growth and development of young people so that they can become the strong pillars of GOOD leadership that South Africa needs.

Suzette Little

National Treasurer

Suzette Little has had a long career in the Financial, Business and Political fields, and is well-respected and known in all.

Women Empowerment is one of her many passions.

Through Community involvement, she assists in the formation of NGOs, NPOs, Co-operatives and Ward initiatives.

She previously served as a Member of the Mayoral Committee, in the City of Cape Town, for Social Development and then as the Mayor’s Representative in Area North.

Marius Gysman

Deputy National Organiser

Marius is a Marketing Manager from the Eastern Cape and has worked in local government and the banking sector for almost 10 years. He is passionate about the agri industry and wants to uplift this vital area of our economy.

Shaun August

National Organiser

Shaun has served as a Ward Councillor and Chief Whip in the City of Cape Town. Community Development and seeing the lives improve for our citizens is at the heart of Shaun’s motivation of building a better South Africa for all. He also serves as a Member of Parliament.