Spatial Justice

Public Land Must be Used for Good

The Expropriation without Compensation debate: A Section 25 Constitutional Amendment is not required:

GOOD will use public land for public good – for housing, redress and growth – not for profit.

GOOD will implement a land audit in each city and province to identify large public and private land holdings, including those of SOEʼs. Cities must have more say in how vacant land is used. Large, underused or unused land holdings must be part of the solution.

GOOD will finalise outstanding land restitution cases within 5 years. Cases can be accelerated using publicly owned land – all spheres of government and SOEs included.

Government already expropriates land & Sec 25 already allows for zero compensation where appropriate.

GOOD will instead implement redress and speed up restitution. Government and SOEʼs are the custodians of thousands of parcels of land on behalf of all South Africans.

Where People Live Matters

Huge housing backlogs and delivery far from city centre.:

GOOD will accelerate formal housing delivery by devolving functions to the metros.

GOOD will stop the expansive, low-income housing on the city outskirts.
This is simply fuelling urban sprawl and re-creating apartheid-era, dormitory suburbs of poverty.

GOOD will, instead, develop inclusive higher density housing to infill within the urban fabric.

GOOD will ensure that towns and cities bring people closer to jobs and jobs closer to people.

How People Live Matters

Growing informal settlements, many do not qualify for free BNG state housing:

GOOD will ensure towns and cities provide services to informal settlements.

GOOD will provide title deeds to residents in informal settlements so that they can have security and invest in their own homes.

Provide Public Transport That Benefits The Public

Our roads are congested because corruption & mismanagement has collapsed rail services. Safe, reliable trains will save commuters time & money, reduce road congestion and improve our economy because people will be able to get to work more easily and on time. Rail is a priority!

GOOD will stop e-tolls and fix rail transport. Transport costs, including e-tolls, punish the poor – those that were forced to live farthest away by apartheid planning.

GOOD will allow metro governments to integrate rail with local bus services for a one-system, one-ticket public transport network.

GOOD will allow minibus taxis to be integrated and be given contracts, like the scheduled bus operators, as part of a single network public transport service.