Economic Justice

Attract Investment To Create Jobs

Unemployment is unacceptably high. Our economy must be turned around within 2 to 3 years if we are to avert a complete collapse.

  • GOOD will create the conditions for investment so that new businesses can create new jobs. We must:

  • Stop corruption and cadre deployment;

  • Build the infrastructure that businesses need;

  • Provide policy certainty to investors and business sectors;

  • Support workers, businesses, towns and cities to ensure growth.

  • GOOD will focus industrial growth strategies on sectors that produce jobs for semi-skilled and unskilled young people who are currently unemployed

Invest In People

In South Africa, the face of poverty is a black woman. Her mother was poor, she is poor, and, unless we break this cycle, her children will be poor too. Grants are investments in our citizens, and they must be used to help break the inter-generational cycle of poverty. Education is key to breaking the poverty cycle.

  • GOOD will ensure that all grants and pensions increase with inflation.

  • GOOD will ensure Social Grants are provided by government to alleviate extreme poverty.

  • GOOD will ensure that children remain in school through the use of social and child grants.

Cut Government Operating Costs & Stop Corruption

Expenses climbing, income reducing and junk status looming.

  • GOOD will make SOEs financially independent.

  • GOOD will reduce all government operating costs by eliminating unnecessary wasteful expenditure.

  • GOOD will prosecute corrupt politicians & send them to prison.

  • GOOD will stop unaffordable energy expansion plans and instead, bring more cheaper renewable energy into the grid.