Environmental Justice

Cities Must Lead The Way and Reduce Impacts

Cities cover 2% of the Earth but product 70% of all emissions

GOOD will allow large metropolitan areas to procure or generate their own power.

GOOD will meet and implement International Commitments to reduce emissions and ensure that local governments in Towns and Cities lead the way in reducing environmental impacts by:

Offering better public transport, more recycling & more compact living

Helping citizens reduce their individual impacts through more efficient homes, more public transport use and education on Smarter, healthier diet choices

Rising Energy Costs, Ballooning Eskom’s Debt.

GOOD will split Eskom into Generator and Distributor so that utilities can compete to provide South Africans with competitive prices.

GOOD will increase renewable Energy into the grid.

Wind & Solar Energy already offer cheaper and lower emission energy into the grid

Equitable Sharing & Sustainable Catchment Management

Increasing heatwaves and droughts are placing water security at risk.

GOOD will protect key catchments, rivers and wetlands by devolving management and decisions to Catchment Management Agencies, bringing governance closer to the people

GOOD will improve water security by removing thirsty invasive alien vegetation, thereby creating many rural jobs, increasing water yields and also improving our environment