Statement from Shaun August MP, National Organiser for GOOD


Over the past few months GOOD has been approached by a number of ward councillors, representing municipalities across the country, who feel desperate to escape the stains of corruption, skewed service delivery and baaskap of the old parties they serve.

These are people of principle who feel betrayed, used and embarrassed that they have not been able to deliver the promises they made to their communities – promises of the delivery of better services and the creation of more equal society.

Jacques Meiring has represented Ward 27 in Benoni since 2016. He was supported by 91% of voters. He has resigned from his position and party on principle to join GOOD. In short, he felt embarrassed that the DA fooled people of colour into believing the DA cares about them. (Read his own words here.)

Meiring is a dynamic young leader who cares about all residents living in Ward 27, and is a very significant acquisition for GOOD.

Other councillors with whom we’ve spoken feel a little more trapped by their circumstances. It’s not an easy time to risk giving up a precious job, and they don’t want members of their communities to become collateral damage – as we have seen in Saldanha Bay where people seen to be supportive of former DA ward councillor (now GOOD by-election candidate) Sucilla van Tura have been victimised and lost jobs.

As the country moves closer to local government elections next year, we anticipate an upward curve in resignations from the old party guard. People really are sick and tired of their death dance of fake promises, maladministration and mutual dislike.

GOOD’s proposition is straightforward, honest and transparent. The better society we all crave is based on justice. When we achieve social justice, economic justice, spatial justice and environmental justice we’ll have freed ourselves of the bondage of the past and created a better future.