It’s a GOOD time to leave the DA!

Statement by former Ekurhuleni DA Councillor, Jacques Meiring.

Today after 4 years of serving as a Ward Councillor in Ekurhuleni, I bid farewell to the DA and join my new home, GOOD.

Years ago when I joined the DA, I was painted a picture of contributing to a non-racial party for all South Africans.

Sadly over the past few years, I have seen nothing but the opposite within the DA.

I am moving forward as I believe every South African should do so as well.

The DA asked us all to lend them our vote for 5 year, well they squandered it.

They had their chance to build a unified multiracial South Africa but wasted their opportunity. 

On the 12th of September 2020 the DA posted an article on their website entitled, “Judge the DA fairly on our ideas, not on a simplistic racial binary”

I am astonished that a party can be so delusional and completely out of contact with the reality on the ground and the political climate in South Africa.

The DA has proven that it stands for a select fair few, a minority and that they intend to protect their elite. 

Their plan is clear. They will try to hold on to the corners of power where only the privilege live. 

The DA does not care for the millions of ordinary South Africans who face daily realities of poverty, hunger, lack of education and without land.

I became involved to make a difference, to help build a racially diverse nation that can address the inequality of the past and build a unified nation.

I believe we need to address racism head-on, we need to address the historic disadvantages, we need to work forward to a GOOD future for each other, inclusive of all South Africans.

The DA has deteriorated into a minority liberal party exclusively for the benefit of a hand full career politicians seeking job security and the interest of their own racial grouping.

The DA offers nothing to its supporters but a lunch handout for walking the streets and harvesting your data.

They addressed racial inequality, with nothing but smoke and mirrors who abuse their supporters by letting them do their dirty work.

Like John Moodey, Mmusi Maimane, Lindiwe Mazibuko and many others, I have seen that the DA is not a party of the future, or the future of our country.

I have made my decision to move to GOOD, as a supporter of Economic, Spatial, Social and Environmental Justice. These values together with upholding the Constitution, fighting corruption and having no tolerance for racism and gender discrimination are values that speak to who I am. 

I commit to tackling these issues head on, I commit to doing GOOD. 

As GOOD Leader, Patricia de Lille stated:

None of the old parties truly represent all South Africans. We are building a platform for GOOD people, regardless of where they live or how they look. On the inside, we are all South Africans.

I believe in this, I believe in her leadership, I believe in GOOD.