Western Cape MTBPS: The Lack Of Clear Plans Is Gambling With The Lives Of Residents

GOOD Statement by Shaun August,
GOOD National Organiser and Member of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament

24 November 2022

The Western Cape government Medium-term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) has failed to effectively highlight a clear path of development and growth within the province.

As is synonymous with DA-governance practically everywhere, when the going gets tough, it is much easier to point a finger to the incompetency of the national government, but there exists no clear plan on how to sweep in front of our own door, first.

Elaborate statements do not drive economic intervention, create conducive environments for investment or develop rural communities to become tourism hubs – plans, support mechanisms and funding does.

When one considers the reality of our communities, the announcements on health interventions, education, safety and security inspire very little confidence of real change on the ground.

For example, health services in Atlantis are so constrained, patients die whilst waiting for assistance. Across the province, the education systems are failing to accommodate thousands of children due to a shortage of schools in their districts. Just yesterday, statistics from July to September 2022 showed that Nyanga reported the most contact crimes in SA, yet crime has morphed into such a normality that we accept it as part of society.

In the absence of clear plans on how to move forward with growth and development, and how the economy of crime and illicit trade will be tackled, this MTBPS is just lip service accompanied by wild guesses on how we will address the problems of the poor.

We should oppose the daylight gambling with the lives of residents, based on a scale of possibilities. These decisions must be guided by clear plans, but more so, tangible solutions; we owe that much to the people of this Province.

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