Scrapping Remaining COVID-19 Restrictions: Learning To Live With The Virus In A Responsible Manner

GOOD statement by Brett Herron,
GOOD: Secretary-General & Member of Parliament

23 June 2022

The GOOD party welcomes the decision by Health Minister, Joe Phaahla, to scrap some of South Africa’s last remaining Covid-19 regulations, with science supporting the view that it can be considered a manageable disease.

Phaahla signed a document repealing the relevant regulations which was noted in the Government Gazette on Wednesday. This step means the end of the mask mandate, limitations on gatherings and checks on travellers coming into South Africa.

Large parts of the world have already moved away from managing this virus as a health emergency to something we have learnt to live with in a responsible manner.

We acknowledge the devastating impact that this pandemic has had on our people’s lives and the economy. It will always be a dark memory, that now requires us to focus fully on rebuilding.

However, it is important to remember that Covid-19 remains a virus that will be with us for a long time to come. Due to our increasing level of vaccinations and the continuous strengthening of our healthcare systems, we can return to some form of normality.

But the work must continue. Vaccine hesitation remains a challenge and GOOD once again calls on South Africans to still get vaccinated without hesitation. Our health systems also require further crucial improvement, not only for daily medical care, but for future pandemic readiness.

Overall, and despite challenges, our government should be commended for following the available science and medical advice in a very uncertain time.

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