Massive shift in energy supply welcomed

Statement by Brett Herron, GOOD Secretary General

Today’s announcement by the President that the cap on embedded generation threshold will be adjusted from 1MW to 100MW is a massive shift in policy and we applaud it for finally happening.

Our country has been reeling from an unpredictable and extremely disruptive electricity supply crisis this week. ESKOM has bounced us from Level 2 Loadshedding to Level 4 Loadshedding at the drop of a hat.

There is no way that our country can sustain urgent economic recovery and job creation if we cannot stabilise our electricity supply.

Our electricity supply grid has experienced constant supply shortages over the past decade and increasing the supply threshold for embedded generation is a significant and quick step towards addressing this.

It is estimated that at least 5000MW of electricity is available to be added to the grid once the regulations have been amended.

The opportunity for small scale independent power producers to supplement our electricity supply also needs urgent attention. IPPs have been strung along with endless promises of power producing agreements which have yet to materialise.

The combination of the Covid-19 pandemic and a failing electricity system is lethal. The government has solutions to the electricity supply threat and we can no longer afford to wait for these to be implemented.