GOOD accepts the recommendations of former Deputy Chief Justice Moseneke

Statement by Brett Herron, GOOD Secretary General

20 July 2021

We accept the recommendations of the former Deputy Chief Justice Moseneke that the local government elections, scheduled for October 2021, should be postponed to no later than the end of February 2022.

GOOD’s submission to the judge was that the elections should go ahead in October 2021 based on the prescriptive provisions of the Constitution and before we became aware of the deadly Delta variant of the Coronavirus and the impact of the third wave.

Having considered the briefing by Judge Moseneke it is clear that his enquiry considered multiple factors including the risk that elections in October 2021 could cause a resurgence of the virus due to campaigning events and gatherings.

We support the Judge’s conclusion that the foundation of our democracy is regular elections that are free and fair but that this cannot be at any cost.

GOOD has been preparing for the October 2021 elections and we are currently concluding our rigorous candidate selection process.

We were looking forward to contesting our first local government elections, outside of by-elections, since we were formed just two-and-a-half years ago and we expect to do well.

We shall continue with our preparations. We understand that this recommendation must still be considered by the IEC and supported by a court order before the elections are actually postponed.