Hawks And NPA Must Ensure Zondo Commission’s R1 Billion Was Worth It

GOOD party statement by Brett Herron, Secretary-General and Member of Parliament

22 June 2022

Chief Justice Raymond Zondo’s observation that South African’s have shown the commission a “lot of love” and support over the past four years is a reflection of the investment most South Africans were prepared to make in the interests of bringing an end to a prolonged era of unrestrained looting and corruption.

South Africans have largely regarded the Commission’s work as a tenuous, but best, chance we have to rescue our country’s state owned entities and government departments from those who captured them and their coffers through strategic placement of crooks and cronies.

The handing over of the final chapter of the report marks a historic moment for our country’s young democracy since it brings an end to an unprecedented process of scrutinising, in a very public way, an overwhelming amount of evidence about a criminal web of high-flyers, politicians and the well-connected.

South African’s patience with this process, and the slight delay in the handing over of the final report, and our endurance of the era of capture and then the long and drawn out Commission’s hearings can only be rewarded if the evidence of wrongdoing that has been heard and reported on is now actioned.

Many whistle-blowers took very high risks, at great personal costs, to share their evidence. The Chief Justice, and the staff of the commission, have served their country with honour and distinction and often through very difficult times in the life of the commission.

It is essential that the hard work, high risks and enormous goodwill that the Commission benefitted from is not in vain.

It is now for the criminal justice system to play their part in investigating and prosecuting without fear or favour and certainly without political interference.

We cannot allow the outcome of this costly, but important, process to be mismanaged or deprioritised as we saw with the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

300 TRC cases are still to be finalised and prosecuted two decades after that commission completed its work. This is a travesty of justice.

This travesty must be rectified and must not be repeated with the outcomes of this Commission into State Capture.

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