GOOD: Workers Day

Statement by Brett Herron, GOOD Secretary General


We must do more to reduce unsustainable inequality. Let us stop talking about the basic income grant and implement it now.

1 May 2021

As we reflect on Worker’s Day today, we lament the state of our economy – stripped bare by looting, maladministration and Covid – and the fact that millions of our people don’t have jobs. Many children go to bed hungry. Many families live in unbearable poverty. The State must prioritise providing for people’s basic needs. It is time to stop talking about a Basic Income Grant and begin to implement it.

On Worker’s Day, we celebrate the gains our constitutional democracy has made in affording those fortunate enough to have jobs a measure of dignity. But even as we celebrate, we call on both public and private sectors to do more to begin the critical task of reducing unsustainable inequality. And we call on all South Africans to commit to buying local products and supporting local jobs.

Most good people, rich and poor, black, brown, khaki and white, aspire to similar things: Comfortable homes, safety for their families, sufficient food and clothing, and opportunities for their children to excel in life. We need to start pulling together with one common purpose – employers, workers and those without jobs – to build the sustainable and just society we all need.