GOOD Helps Topple Rotten Nelson Mandela Bay Government

GOOD Statement by Brett Herron,
GOOD Secretary-General & Member of Parliament

22 September 2022

The GOOD Party’s principled decision to turn its back on the ANC-led coalition governing Nelson Mandela Bay, despite holding a seat on the Mayoral Committee, was critical to tilting the balance of power in the municipality.

After the November 2021 local government elections, when political parties were scrambling around to form coalitions of convenience, GOOD determined that the best way to serve its supporters, and the residents in these towns and cities, would be in the role of constructive opposition.

GOOD didn’t want any part of coalition governments that were cobbled together to grab positions or simply to keep other parties at bay, without regard for cooperative governance, policy alignment, values, principles or service.

The party did, however, undertake to consider the need to form part of coalition governments in certain instances:

*Where its participation supported stability, transparency and good governance; or
*Was necessary to break deadlocks where numbers were evenly split preventing the formation of governments.

Nelson Mandela Bay fell into this category, as did two municipalities in the Western Cape, one led by the DA and the other by the ANC.

In Nelson Mandela Bay we have worked tirelessly since the election in a bid to ensure that the people of the City are well-served by a multi-party coalition government, with GOOD Councillor Lawrence Troon serving as the MMC for Safety and Security.
However, that government did not live up to its promises. It became increasingly unstable with the majority partner, the ANC, dysfunctional and consumed by internal battles.

GOOD therefore voted in favour of removing the mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, Eugene Johnson, yesterday.

The conduct of some of the ANC councillors at yesterday’s meeting was appalling, with ballot boxes being thrown around and the meeting descending into chaos, in what appeared to be a desperate attempt to hold onto power.

It’s this type of dysfunctional leadership that has plagued service delivery in the metro for years. The residents of Nelson Mandela Bay deserve more.

GOOD’s National Management Committee has agreed to join the majority of parties forming a new multi-party coalition government under the mayorship of the DA’s Retief Odendaal.

GOOD will provide continuity in the Safety and Security portfolio, with Lawrence Troon remaining MMC.
The new coalition government will require maturity and wisdom if it is to provide the people of Nelson Mandela Bay with the necessary stability and and leadership to address the multitude of critical issues facing the City.
GOOD is committed to playing its part in turning Nelson Mandela Bay around.
However, GOOD has no intention of being part of a government that betrays our values or our policy principles, and has reserved the right to exit this new coalition should this situation arise
Despite our differences with other members of the coalition, we look forward to working with them as partners.

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