GOOD Statement by Brett Herron,
GOOD Secretary-General & Member of Parliament

28 May 2024

The massacre of 45 civilians in Rafah by the Israeli Defence Force, described as a mistake by the Prime Minister of Israel, underscores the importance of South Africa’s principled stance to hold Israel accountable.

While South Africa has many troubles of its own, turning our backs on the people of Palestine would strip us of our stature as a global symbol of human rights and equality.

As GOOD, we are horrified by the ongoing genocide unfolding right in front of the world’s eyes, and by the fact that unfair and imbalanced world power relations continue to permit it. 

The attacks came just days after the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to end its military offensive in Rafah, and once again highlighted the court’s – and by extension, the United Nations’ – weaknesses.

If the UN cannot give effect to judgements of the ICJ, hold its own members accountable or negotiate justice and peace, then what purpose does it serve?

As GOOD, we maintain that serious pressure must be applied to change its archaic structure that continues to allow this disproportionate power to a few privileged nations.

The world needs real and lasting peace in the region that is rooted in justice for Palestinians and supported by a sovereign, free Palestine.

We call on South Africans who are voting tomorrow to reject parties who, through their failure to condemn the genocide, have pinned their flag to the mast of Israel’s atrocities.

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