Joint Media Statement

by GOOD and Compatriots of South Africa (CSA)

7 February 2024

The GOOD Party’s no-frills approach to prioritise re-balancing a profoundly unequal country by  addressing the suffering and indignity of millions of citizens who, 30 years after democracy, still find themselves shut out of the economy, is winning the support of good people across the country. The Eastern Cape-based Compatriots of South Africa, with its slogan “Restoring our Dignity”, has resolved to support GOOD in the 2024 national and provincial elections.

The organisation is not contesting the 2024 National and Provincial Elections and, following discussions with GOOD leaders over the weekend, has resolved to actively encourage its supporters to vote for GOOD in the 2024 elections. Compatriots of South Africa was established to represent communities who have felt marginalised, forgotten and left behind in post-apartheid South Africa.

What GOOD and Compatriots of South Africa  have in common is that they don’t yearn to return to the past of minority rule.  Much has changed over the past 30 years, but much more should have been achieved to overcome historic injustices and afford all South Africans their rightful place in the sun. The GOOD Party extends its gratitude to Compatriots of South Africa for endorsing the necessity to stop our people’s suffering.

The majority of South Africans are good people. Regardless of where they live, what they look like or what language they speak, they share the ideal of raising children able to take the opportunities that come their way, and live lives of decency and dignity. 

Media Enquiries:

Janke Tolmay, GOOD Media Manager

Cell: 073 367 1223


Brett Herron, GOOD Secretary-General

Cell: 082 518 3264