GOOD Statement by Siyabulela Mamkeli,
GOOD City of Cape Town Councillor

9 July 2024

The recent heavy rains in the City of Cape Town have once again highlighted its skewed priorities when it comes to its so-called Winter Preparedness efforts.

Ongoing floods and strong winds have displaced thousands of residents mainly from poor communities in the townships and around the Cape Flats.

Flooded roads in Manenberg, Gugulethu, Khayelitsha and other areas of the city points to a DA that continues to prioritise the affluent communities which are mostly affected by falling trees than flooded roads.

Some of the areas, including Hex Crescent and Sugarloaf Street, Great Fish and Gamtoos Roads in Manenberg for example, are well-known vulnerable spots that get flooded every winter. Yet, every year the City seems surprised and only reacts once people’s lives are already under water.

The conditions have also been made worse by lack of street cleaning and unattended illegal dumping which has been perpetually ignored by the City of Cape Town Municipality.

As GOOD we call upon the City of Cape Town Municipality to proactively clean these areas and implement effective preventative measures to safeguard residents and their homes during these times.

GOOD further calls on affected residents to request assistance from their local GOOD PR Councillors to assist. GOOD has been working to report sand blocked gullies and requested the Urban Waste Management Department to clean and prepare these neighbourhoods.

Any incidents where public safety is at risk should be reported to the City’s Public Emergency Communication Centre on 021 480 7700. Please make sure you obtain the reference number as that’s important in tracking the service delivery request and ensure the matter is resolved.

Media Enquiries:

Janke Tolmay, GOOD Media Manager

Cell: 073 367 1223


Siyabulela Mamkeli, GOOD COCT Councillor

Cell: 0781591251