By-Election Result Shows Significant Growth For The GOOD Party

GOOD Statement by Brett Herron,
GOOD Secretary-General & Member of Parliament

24 November 2022

The GOOD Party more than tripled its support in an important by-election in Nyanga, Cape Town, reflecting a continuing shift of voters away from parties they have traditionally supported.

GOOD garnered second position in the Ward 38 by-election, with a highly credible +17% of support, comfortably beating off the challenges of the DA and EFF candidates.

Ward 38 has been an ANC stronghold since the advent of democracy, But it’s support has declined from the high 90s to the 63% it achieved yesterday.

The DA, despite access to endless funding, and being the incumbent government in the City of Cape Town, has failed to take advantage – indicating its continuing struggle to shed its badge of privilege and convince township voters of its integrity.

GOOD more than tripled its support in the Nyanga/New Crossroads/KTC ward, jumping from 5,02% in the 2021 Local Government Elections, to 17,11% yesterday. 

“The results reflect the disappointment of so many South Africans in the quality of government over the past 25 years. Last year’s Local Government Elections yielded significant declines for both the ANC and DA, and this trend will continue,” said GOOD Secretary-General Brett Herron.

“A major part of our success in this ward can be attributed to the quality of our candidate, Lulama Benge, a true servant leader in his community. There are good people in all communities; the challenge is to identify and support them.”

Every citizen in the country, including those living in Ward 38, has a right to decent quality services. The penny is dropping that that what the old parties have delivered where they respectively govern is unsustainable and unacceptable inequality, poverty and indignity, Herron said.

Benge thanked his community for its open-mindedness. “Despite the dirt in our streets, our water and sewerage challenges, and the fact that many parents struggle to feed their families due to being unemployed, we will never accept being treated by our city as third-class citizens,” he said.

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