GOOD Extends Condolences To Families Of Victims Of Horrific Bus Crash

GOOD Statement by Brett Herron,
GOOD Secretary-General & Member of Parliament

29 March 2024

GOOD extends our condolences to the families of those killed in the horrific bus crash, which claimed the lives of 45 passengers, in Limpopo on Thursday.

The Easter weekend is one of the busiest and most treacherous periods on South Africa’s roads and we are saddened by this immense loss of lives on our roads.

Road deaths are avoidable and no family should have to lose a member or loved one in such a sudden, dreadful accident.

The duty to ensure our roads are safe for all users, including those in their vehicles, is a shared responsibility.

We therefore implore all road users to drive responsibly. Driving responsibly includes ensuring the vehicle is in roadworthy condition, the driver is sober and takes a break every two hours, and the rules of the road are obeyed.

Those who offer passenger services have an extra duty of care to the paying passengers they transport.

Furthermore, road traffic authorities are urged to be visible over the weekend, to deal with those who drive recklessly, and to watch out for unsafe vehicles wreaking havoc on our roads.

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