Q. Will GOOD be contesting the 2019 national elections?

A. Yes, GOOD will contest elections on a national level and in all 9 provinces.

Q. Who is GOOD targeting to be part of its Movement?

A. Our mission is to attract people who subscribe to our founding values. We want people who believe in Truth. Trust. Equity. Social Justice. Solidarity. Sustainability and Service. GOOD is a party for men, women and particularly young people from any race or gender. GOOD is a party for all GOOD South Africans. GOOD calls on everyone regardless of their status or creed that this movement belongs to all of them! 

Q. What are the GOOD main policy issues?

A. Spatial justice, to address apartheid planning.
Race and space have defined the life and opportunities of South Africans for centuries.  No democratic government in South Africa has tackled the apartheid spatial legacy. Achieving spatial justice is essential to creating a more equitable South Africa. Under this theme, for example, we tackle the question of land distribution and land restitution. We start from the position that public land is for the public good.  Public land is not a commodity to be privatised or traded with.  Its first purpose is to serve the public good. Our constitution provides for expropriation of land.  Given the significant public land holdings expropriation should be the last resort. There is a duty on all land owners, like the state, private sector, churches, banks and traditional leaders to become part of the solution to land distribution.

Social justice, to address centuries of segregation and intolerance.
Race and gender still largely determines most South Africans’ prospects.  Sadly racist incidents continue to occur but as the GOOD movement we will not allow racists to speak for us. South African leaders have shied away from tackling structural and socialised racism within our society. GOOD will lead the fight against racism and gender inequality. Under the social justice theme we will also tackle access to quality education. The future of our country depends on parity of excellent learning opportunities for every child.  

Economic justice, to address inequity in our society.
South Africa’s history of access to capital and wealth is inescapably unequal. To create a society that redresses capital, assets and wealth inequalities requires a meaningful programme of action. GOOD supports the principle of B-BBEE as a concept geared to address unequal access to assets, wealth and capital if it is done right. If it is done right we will start to see the structure of our country’s economy change so that access to wealth and capital is spread more broadly.

Environmental justice, to be able to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing planet.
The world’s climate is changing faster than scientists had predicted.  This generation MUST work to protect the planet and stabilise the climate so that we can protect ourselves and future generations. Climate change is impacting our economy, impacting food security and raising food prices.  We cannot afford not to tackle climate change and GOOD will certainly do so.

Our detailed policies will be made announced at our Manifesto Launch in January 2019.

Q. What makes GOOD different to any other political party in South Africa?

A. Politics as usual has failed too many South Africans and our people have lost faith in politics and politicians. GOOD puts people before politics and wants to clean up our country and politics. GOOD is built on the Constitution of South Africa and is creating a new political order. GOOD wants to make the Constitution a living document, as was set out to do in 1994. The ANC has corrupted South Africa by enriching themselves and leaving ordinary South Africans behind and in poverty. The DA does not believe in its own values and have proven to be anti transformation and racist. GOOD is the only party that believes in the inherent GOODness of all South Africans and that we would like to see each other prosper. 

Q. Who is the founder of GOOD?

A. GOOD was founded by Patricia de Lille. Patricia de Lille, is a South African politician who fought against Apartheid and has served in various leadership roles in South Africa. In the first Parliament of South Africa she served as the Chairperson of the Transport Committee. She became the first woman to start her own political party in the country.  Another first for South African women, Patricia would become the first woman to be recognised as a Honorary Colonel in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). She has served as Minister of Social Development in the Western Cape and later served as the Mayor of Cape Town becoming the longest serving Mayor in any Metro in South Africa.

Q. How can I get involved?

A. If you would like general information on GOOD, send us an email to info@forgood.org.za
If you would like to volunteer for GOOD, send us an email to volunteer@forgood.org.za
If you would like to donate to GOOD, send us an email to donate@forgood.org.za and we will send you our banking details, Alternatively head over to our donate page for bank details to make anonymous donations.